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The best gym for your brain.

Here you can find the necessary tools to improve working memory.

What exactly is TacoBrain?

TacoBrain is a web application which offers a set of exercises which are built on the following tenets:

1. The exercises are effective.

2. The app is affordable.

3. Don't keep the user looking at the screen. 

I'll explain each of these below.

The exercises aim to improve users' working memory which is the core cognitive process which affects all the other mental abilities. 

What kind of exercises can you find in TacoBrain?

The exercises are built on multiple types of concepts: numbers, letters, strings, dates, times, geometry, even chess.

The exercises are structured in three simple stages:

1. Exercises description. TacoBrain will explain the task at hand. 

2. The user will be left to think about the task and come up with an answer. The exercises are intentionally built so that the user takes their eyes off the screen and thinks about the task.

3. The user inputs the answer expected by the exercise.


Effective exercises

There are a lot of apps out there which promise a lot of brain improvement. One of the most effective tool which is adver


There are a lot of apps out there which promise a lot of brain improvement. One of the most effective tool which is advertise 

Away from the screen


What is working memory?

Working memory is a fundamental cognitive ability that serves as a building block for many higher-level cognitive processes and behaviors. Its predictive power extends across a wide range of domains, highlighting its importance in human cognition and functioning.

Studies which confirm the effectiveness of working memory training:

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  2. Holmes, J., Gathercole, S. E., & Dunning, D. L. (2009). Adaptive training leads to sustained enhancement of poor working memory in children. Developmental Science, 12(4), F9-F15. Link

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A Glimpse into Our Growth









TacoBrain's main goal is improving the working memory.

Working memory is a crucial cognitive function that plays a significant role in various aspects of human cognition and behavior.

Working memory predicts several important outcomes and abilities:

1. Academic Achievement

2. Learning Potential

3. Reasoning and Logical Thinking

4. Language Processing

5. Problem-Solving Skills

6, Creativity

7. Executive Functioning

8. Decision Making

9. Performance in Daily Activities

Research suggests that working memory capacity is strongly associated with academic performance, particularly in subjects such as mathematics, reading comprehension, and problem-solving tasks.

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